Meet The Artist!

Hi there! My name is Brighton McDunnah (pronouns: they/he) and
I am a queer, trans, autistic & disabled creator/ illustrator, born & living on the coast of Maine. 

My work tends to have a wide varitety of subject matter, ranging from queer/neurodivergent affirmations, to transness, to fan art of my favorite media– but the common thread through everything I make is that I aim to make meaningful, emotional connections, and give my audience the feeling that they aren't alone.

I currently still do have an Etsy shop as well, and until I'm doing more business and reaching more folks here than there, I can't afford to close it down and lose the benefit of their search engine, so if you know anybody that might like what I sell here, please help me get the word out and send them a link to my site! 

ALSO! If you'd like to support what I do on a more regular basis & gain access to a ton of exclusive behind-the-scenes content, downloadables, & mailed rewards, please consider pldeging to my brand new Patreon! 
Tiers begin at just $2 a month!

I hope you enjoy what you find in my little shop– I'm really glad you're here.